Rory; a Scottish Yogi, Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist in training has been teaching around the globe since 2007. Rory has become popular for his wide ranging knowledge, charisma, humour and ability to transmit the teachings of Hatha, Kundalini, Tantra, Yoga therapy, meditation and classical eastern philosophy simply and succinctly.

He has facilitated over 20 Yoga Teacher Trainings and taught on many more for several Yoga schools (senior teacher for Tribe Yoga, Seasonal Yoga & Satyaloka) and due to popular demand has finally decided to team up with James French to offer the cherry picked teachings which can be found on the Path of Yoga teacher trainings.

He has deep gratitude for his main influential teachers over the years namely; Reinhard Gammenthaller (Kundalini Yoga Parampara), Sahajananda (Hridaya Yoga), Sri V Sheshadri (Patanjali Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga), Christopher ‘Hareesh’ Wallis (Kashmiri Shaivism) and Leslie Kaminhoff (Breath Academy). With deep gratitude for the many more who have influenced his style both on and off the mat.

He happily continues to spread his experience, knowledge and love of the Yoga system with true passion and as always is excited to share this life empowering knowledge on both our 200 and 300 hour training courses teacher training courses.

Rory Trollen

Founder & Senior Teacher

James was born in London and first discovered yoga in 2003, whilst at Drama School. However, he truly caught the bug a few years later whilst performing in a Shakespeare production which toured India. Sunrise practices overlooking the rooftops of Udaipur with an old yogi called Prakash sealed the deal.

Following a martial-arts incurred neck injury, he was told that surgery was the only option. However he resisted and experienced an amazing recovery through his Yoga practice. He soon returned to India to train and embark on his path as a Yoga Teacher.

James has studied with Max Strom, Yogrishi Vishvketu, Jason Crandell, David Swenson, Tiffany Cruickshank and Christopher Wallis. However his greatest influence is his guru, Sri Prem Baba, who he spends several months a year with.

For more info, please go to his website yogijames.com

Classes involve a challenging, creative flow with focus on strength, stability and alignment to attain states of union between mind, body and spirit. James has a particular interest in Psycho-spiritual work, and the way that emotions and are stored in the body and how we can release them to promote deeper well being and healing. He also incorporates the more subtle, energetic aspects of Hatha Yoga as a route to healing and inner peace.

He has taught all over the world, but loves to return to his hometown of London every summer where he teaches at some of his favourite studios including Triyoga.

James French

Founder & Senior Teacher

Amy brings a wealth of experience and knowledge, delivered in an accessible and loving manner, a true gem in our teaching team. She has coordinated and assisted in several teacher training programs, has managed the beginners program for a large and well established Yoga school and completed over 1500 hours of certified training.

Her conscious inner-journey began in India in 2009. After living in India and Nepal for over a year, taking various retreats, studying Buddhism, Yoga and different meditation techniques she was hooked. As her study and esoteric explorations deepened she followed her calling and became a yoga teacher. Since then her studies and explorations have continued and evolved, becoming part of her everyday life both on and off the mat.

Amy believes in the power of self-work and self-awareness, exploring and discovering who we really are. A profound and rewarding practice that incorporates every aspect of our being and existence. She is inspired by Kashmiri Shiavism, Yogic philosophy, quantum physics, neuroscience, medicinal herbalism, the mind-body connection and psycho-spiritual work.

She pays sincere gratitude and loving respect to all the teachers that have influenced and enriched her life, especially; Ananta Kranti, Sri Prem Baba, Sahajananda, Paolo from Chom Thong monastery, Mahananda, Dr Joe Dispenza, Byron Katie, David Crow and John Gray.

Amy continues to teach Yoga in numerous countries around the world. She is delighted to offer the fruits of her knowledge and experience for the greater good and the development of human consciousness.

Amy Edgington

Senior Teacher

Amritha is a travelling full-time yogini, having been a fervent student, practitioner and instructor since 2008. Initial introduction to Yoga came through the trainings of a 1-month Intensive Yoga in Thailand (2008) and 4 months ashram residential Yogic Studies at Bihar School of Yoga in India (in 2012). Further education and international accreditation of RYA200 were obtained in January 2017 at Matatitu Yoga Ashram in Varkala Kerala India.

Amritha teaches Yoga Asana through Hatha and Vinyasa Flow, Pranayama, Meditation, YogaNidra, and the Science of Yoga in history, practice, and philosophy.

She first came into teaching when her college campus yoga teacher suddenly left, and after substituting for a while, ended up teaching there twice a week for two years and discovered that this was her calling. Inspired by an internal inquiry as to the nature of her identity and the world around her, she majored in World Religion and Philosophy, with a research thesis on Development Studies through Anthropology.

Amritha has taught primarily for health and social outreach initiatives in community based organisations in Nairobi, Kenya and Nedumangad, Kerala in India.

A most important moment of her life was in January 2013 in Varanasi, India when she was graced to meet her GuruJi; Sri Swami Kumarananda Giri MaharajJi. To Him, she owes all the maturation and development of her knowledge and being, with sincerest reverence and gratitude to SwamiJi. Since 2017 she has been conducting Yoga programs in service to Giri Foundation Charitable Trust, especially in Malaysia and Sri Lanka.

Amritha currently resides in Kerala, setting up Yoga and Well-being Programs for staff, clients and the local rural community at the Jatayu Earth Center, an upcoming spiritual and eco-tourism venture.

She is honoured and delighted to join the Path of Yoga in Rishikesh this April!

HariAum Tat Sat


Amritha Ganga

Senior Teacher

Susan Marrufo, MA, E-RYT 500, left the United States and a job in advertising in 2008 to travel internationally and experience life beyond the confines of her cultural conditioning. She received her first 500-hr yoga certification in Thailand in 2009, where she began her studies of the classical yogic scriptures and delved deeply into esoteric tantric philosophy. After 2 years of teaching month-long tantric based courses on the banks of the Ganges in India and the Pacific coastal towns of Mexico, Susan returned to the US to begin a residential internship with the Kripalu School of Yoga, where she taught in and project managed several Kripalu yoga teacher trainings as well as received her 2nd 500-hr teacher training certification from the Kripalu School of Yoga.

Since then, Susan has split her time between India, Thailand and the US, facilitating group courses in the inquiry of yoga and meditation as well as diving increasingly deeper into her own yogic studies. After many years of travel, she is happy to have found a home in the City of Angels.

She is the Co-founder of Samarasa Center in Los Angeles, California.

You can also find more about Susan Marrufo at www.samarasacenter.com

Susan Marrufo

Senior Teacher

Emily was born in Ottawa, Canada

Before her intro to yoga Emily had already completed a Pilates teacher training through the YMCA and an Anatomy course at Algonquin College in Ottawa 2002. These courses gave her a great wealth of knowledge on body mechanics, beautifully complimenting her yoga training at Kaivalyadhamma in India 2008 which focused heavily on traditional yogic philosophy and history.

Emily later studied with Mark Laham in his Yin yoga teacher training program in 2009 where she studied both the mental and physical aspects of a yin practice.

Seeing how many students came into a yoga for healing aches and pains Emily became curious about healing the musculoskeletal system through yoga and movement. This lead her to start training as a Postural Therapist through Egoscue University in 2011.

Aside from healing the musculoskeletal system through yoga Emily is passionate about play! In 2009 she completed the level 1 and 2 Acro Yoga teacher training program in Montreal, Canada with Jessie Goldberg and Eugene Poku. Emily loves the challenges and fears that the acrobatics practice brings up then breaks through. In 2012 She completed the ‘YogaSlackers’ teacher training and has added slackline yoga to her offerings.

Emily continues to constantly explore different inspirations of asana and various paths of yoga. Her passion for movement and body awareness coupled with her strong background in anatomy manifests in her teachings as clear, precise, thoughtful instruction.

Emily loves sharing her knowledge with her students and feels especially rewarded when someone realizes that they can do something that they previously thought unattainable, breaking down those limitations we create in our mind. She feels a consistent gratitude for all the wonderful teachers she has met along her path and the abundance of blessings that life continues to bestow upon her.

Emily runs her own Yin Yoga teacher training programs as well as Acrobatics Intensives and teacher trainings. She continues to play, laugh, study, travel and teach in India and wherever else she may find herself.

You can also find more about Emily at www.partneracrobatics.com

Emily Baxter

Anatomy teacher

Christine was born and raised in Austria and since childhood she has been fascinated by spirituality and drawn to Eastern philosophy. In her youth she started to play volleyball and played on a semi-professional level for many years.
After school she studied physiotherapy and worked in hospitals and therapy centers before she left everything behind and started traveling.
During her first visit to India in 2008 she discovered yoga and has been deepening her practice and knowledge since then. She completed a 500 hours yoga teacher training with yoga alliance and has been teaching yoga and anatomy in different countries.
Her life is dedicated to the path of awakening to her true being. She has attended many meditation retreats and loves to look at life with clarity and discernment.
Besides physiotherapy and yoga she is also certified in triggerpoint therapy and cranio-sacral therapy. Currently she is studying ayurveda to broaden her skills and understanding of life.
She teaches with integrity and her students benefit from her rich background in yoga, therapy and healing.

Christine Fuhrmann

Anatomy Teacher

Tara has been exploring movement as medicine for as long as she can remember. For her, movement has always been the key to a feeling of personal freedom, creativity and peace of mind.

For over 20 years Tara has studied various components of movement: Movement as communication (BFA in Theater), self-empowerment (Ashtanga Yoga) therapy (Certificate in Dance/Movement Therapy) and for physical wellbeing (RYT 500). Based in NYC, Tara taught vinyasa and hatha yoga in boutique (Kula Yoga Project) and local studios and brought it to the Hasidic Jewish community, inner city middle school, private high school and private homes.

Tara’s fascination with the body prompted her to delve into Thai Massage and extensive anatomy studies. Frustrated by anatomy classes that were heady, boring or misleading she designed and teaches a Functional Anatomy course which makes learning the complexities of the body accessible, fun and memorable.

Today Tara is finishing her professional training of the Feldenkrais Method, a science and art she believes to be an unparalleled approach to functional body/mind union and revelation. She teaches Somatic Movement (movement guided by self-awareness) and integrates it into Somatic Yoga, a practice of building asana from its functional architecture. She has also integrated her knowledge of the body and energetics and now practices her own style of Therapeutic Massage.

Tara is currently based in Chiang Mai, Thailand where her company, Somatic Movement Project, constantly evolves. She travels teaching workshops, trainings and classes, hosts retreats, offers bodywork and leads yoga teacher mentorship programs.


Tara Eden

Anatomy Teacher

Olga began her relationship with yoga in 2011 while trying to find relief from a stressful corporate career. Calmness, inner peace and healing aspects of yoga led her to a dramatic re-evaluation of her lifestyle, work and way of service. In a search for transformation and healing, she left the corporate world and went to India where she completed 200-hour Ashtanga Vinyasa training with Tribe Yoga in 2014.

Sharing the importance of balance between strength and flexibility with her students, motivated her to further anatomy study with Leslie Kaminoff, Mukunda Stiles, Pete Egoscue and others.

Working closely with her physiotherapist, Olga created numerous programs for professional athletes, sportsmen and military veterans recovering from injuries or seeking to improve their performance.  She has worked with professional kayaking and rafting teams, rugby players, triathlon athletes, golfers and military professionals.

As a RYT 500 yoga teacher, Olga focuses nowadays not only on physical but energetic healing in her practices using various breath techniques , kriya practices, and healing touch. She continues to deepen her knowledge through the study in Reiki and bio-energetics healing, aura and energy centers evaluation

Olga Marusova

Anatomy Teacher