Attending this training was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. I searched for months for the ideal program for me (in all corners of the world) and I couldn’t be happier that I chose this one. Not only are the instructors incredibly knowledgeable and proficient, they are kind, open-hearted, fun, and do all things with love. They truly live what they teach and it’s inspiring to be around. The course is structured incredibly well, instilling confidence in you from day 1, which increases every day as you learn more and more. I would never have believed I’d feel comfortable teaching a class immediately after completing a YTT, but I do and I’m excited to do so!! If you are looking for a truly transformational and educational month then Path of Yoga is for you. I am endlessly grateful

Alyssa Guerin

USA (Chiang Mai, May 2018)

Amazing four weeks with Amy and Rory in Chiang Mai! Very very professional and organized! Both of them have so much passion and knowledge and they made the group feel like a big family:) Loved everything about the course!!!!!

Momo Murohashi

Japan (Chiang Mai, May 2018)

Such an incredible experience! Rory held all of us to such a high standard to make sure that we got a quality education in the short one month that we spent together. This program had so much to offer past the physical aspect of Asana practice and exceeded my expectations of any sort of yoga teacher training course. I am very fortunate to have found Path of Yoga while browsing Facebook, as I realize now that this program goes above and beyond the average YTT experience.

The instructors and assistants care so deeply about us and our success and do it with such a great sense of humor and grace.
My favorite extra parts were the acro yoga classes and the chanting circle.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, SO very much from the bottom of my heart for believing in me and challenging me in all of the best and most rewarding ways!

Lisa Jean Marie

USA (Chiang Mai, May 2018)

A month of truly inspirational teaching, wisdom, insight and shared knowledge as well as laughter, joy, tears, release… It is hard to articulate what I received on this beautiful training for it is so much more than words can convey. My heart is full of gratitude and I am ready to share it with others… May the light that I received ignite the light within all those whose path crosses with mine…

Tanya Marie Green

UK (Rishikesh, April 2018)

I completed my 200-hr TTC in Rishikesh this year with Path of Yoga. It’s hard to describe with words exactly how wonderful this teacher training was because when you start moving into the waters that we were swimming in, you’ve moved beyond words, into pure energy. And what an energy we got to experience that month – as students, as teachers, as friends swapping stories and advice, as family eating meals together, as a group enjoying the collective power we were raising, and as individuals, working on our own growth and sincerely looking inwards.

The overall journey and incredible vibe were a “group effort”, but so much credit must go to our teachers James, Amy and Amritha – each brought their individual expertise, approaches and personalities into the mix to create a month of learning that was constantly engaging, challenging, fun and supportive. There’s no doubt that any yoga TTC is going to be a rollercoaster ride of emotion, a ‘deep cleansing’ of the inner body, a challenge on all levels of your being, but with Path of Yoga, you’ll feel like you’re moving through whatever you need to move through with the nurturing support of a family.

As we were told on the first day, one of the main goals of POY is to “plant seeds”, which I think is the absolute best thing that a mere month-long course could hope to achieve. We were assured that with the waters of our dedication and curiosity, the seeds that are meant to will begin to flower, and I’ve been amazed to watch this exact thing happen since the course ended. The paths and adventures I’ve found myself on are a direct result of this ‘flowering’; I’m just enjoying watching it all unfold.

Worth noting: I taught my first yoga class the day after I left the course. And because of the constant teaching practice from day one, I felt fully capable of doing so, something that many others I spoke to in Rishikesh who’d completely other TTCs didn’t feel comfortable with immediately. Many of us were already teaching after a week – that’s pretty successful by anyone’s standards. But what was even more remarkable was the spiritual and emotional growth of everyone on the course, something perhaps that can’t be so easily measured but that I can vouch for and could just as tangibly be felt.

I feel genuinely privileged to have met every single person who was on this course. I think it’s no coincidence that this school attracts the wonderful people that it does. If you’ve been drawn into its orbit, my advice would be to think or look no further – just do it. You will have no regrets, and it’ll probably change your life, too.
Much love to the Path of Yoga fam, and to all you future family members – I’m so excited for you!

Laura O’Neill

Ireland (Rishikesh, April 2018)

I recently completed the 200 yoga teacher training course in Chiang Mai with Path of Yoga and I can honestly say that it was an incredible experience and probably not too much of an exaggeration to say life changing……..in a good way!

The teaching was engaging with the different styles of the instructors complementing each other. All of the lectures/practical sessions were fascinating, informative and enlightening. Rory and James are authentic and have a profound understanding and belief in the subject. They also injected humour, anecdotes and quotes and brought the subject to life. Week on week we built up our teaching practice, so that in the final week we were able to teach a 1 hour class to other members of the group.

As well as now feeling I now have the skills to be a good yoga teacher, I learnt a huge amount on a personal level. I hadn’t considered the personal development aspect of the experience when I booked onto the course, but I value that as much as, if not more, than the teaching skills I now have. Can’t recommend it enough!

Rachel Lowry

UK (Chiang Mai, October 2017)

Rory and James were my 200 hours ttc teachers and I learnt so much from them that, even after 2 years, I often think about what they would say in a given situation. They both have a strong practice and teach from a place of deep knowledge and understanding.

With them, I embarked on an inner journey where I explored the different dimensions of yoga. I learned a lot about postures and adjustements, but also about breath, philosophy, ethics, mantras and all that make yogis dedicated and passionated human beings.Vibrant and humble, disciplined and funny, charismatic and friendly, they complement each other in a fabulous way. For instance Rory is incredibly knowledgeable in yogic philosophy and postures while James excels in breath work and adjustements.

They have immensely helped me in building the foundations of my practice as a yoga teacher. I am so grateful to these two!

Caroline DM

France (Chiang Mai, March 2017)

For all of you who want to dive deeper into the practice of Yoga and maybe even take on the path of becoming a yoga teacher themselves – I’d like to wholeheartedly recommend my teacher James and his friend Rory to you. I had the great fortune of studying with James on my own training and his wealth of knowledge, wisdom and empathy were such a rich source of inspiration, driving my connection with Yoga and I am thankful for all that I have learned from James.

Nancy, Germany

(Spain, September 2016)

I did my level 2, 300 hour training with Rory and James. Both of them have incredible knowledge and deep understanding of yoga tradition, which they gathered from their multiple teachers and gurus and their own experience. With very authentic style of teaching they help students to unfold their inner potential and access higher states of consciousness.

Rory has very strong straight forward personality, great sense of humour and his voice can bring one into very deep meditative state. Limitless knowledge, good experience and fantastic lecturing skills make him an amazing mentor and support through any level of trainings and beyond.

James shares great understanding of subtle bodies, energy centres, and how one can accept embrace and transform “dark” sides of human nature.His work is very deep, creative and transformative.

They both are very committed and discipline teachers who provide quality classes and trainings around the world.

Olga Marusova

Russia (Goa, March 2015)

There have been some subtle yet powerful shifts within me over the past few years since I stepped into an Ashtanga class back in Jan 2014 and in March 2017 I followed this pull and headed to Thailand for a yoga teacher training with an open mind and open heart. I wanted to be around people that knew about the transformative quality of Yoga, equipped with the experience knowledge to help me make sense of it myself and dive deeper into its teachings…I was not let down and have nothing but great things to say about Rory our main teacher on that particular training. Rory comes with a grounded and attentive energy that makes him skilled at helping each student get the most out of their journey throughout the training. The depth of his experience and passion shines through, yet he delivers a class or lesson with a lightness, humility and humour that makes learning accessible, fun and never dull. I’ve just heard the news that Rory and his equally awesome Yogi friend James have recently launched their own Yoga Teacher Training School and I am more than happy to say if you’re interested in getting certified or simply diving deeper into the transformative power of Yoga it’s a perfect place to be.

Stacey Swanson

UK (Chiang Mai, March 2016)

James and Rory were my tutors on my Level 2, 300 Yoga Teacher Training. These two not only have a deep understanding of yoga asana and yoga philosophy but a very efficient way of communicating and sharing their knowledge, which is such an important skill. I learned so much from both Rory and James. They both have slightly different asana teaching styles, and I feel that they compliment one another in providing a full spectrum of approaches to asana and teaching it. Expect deep philosophy lectures, but to never be bored. I am really grateful for my time training in with them, and I can highly recommend the path of yoga to anyone wanting to dive deeper into their practice and teaching.

Candy Alderson

UK (Goa, March 2015)

My training with Rory and James was an amazing experience – they were incredible! If I would recommend anyone as teachers for your yoga teacher training journey, it would be the two of them! They were super caring, thorough in their teachings, yet pushed me enough to where I was able to establish and grow my practice.

I was truly a beginner, and now, after about one year and a half since my yoga teacher training, I practice daily and have started to teach yoga at my local gym. Thank you!

Senada Greca

USA (Goa, February 2015)

Best TT! I did my 200hrs training with Rory, and then went back again for my 500hrs training which says it all about how great i think his style of teaching is. He is an inspiring teacher who imparts his knowledge from an honest place with an open heart and a strong mind. I still keep his pearls of wisdom with me to this day when I teach 🙂 I highly recommend this school- be prepared to immerse yourself in not just the physical practice but also the spiritually transforming practice of yoga.

Nishita Jasani

UK (Goa, March 2015)